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As criminal and terror organizations become more technologically savvy, Law Enforcement and HLS organizations need to ensure that they stay ahead of threats. They require cutting edge cyber tools to protect against data breaches, infiltration of critical infrastructures and to conduct intelligence based investigations of such criminal groups. TACTIC LABS provides a fully scalable cyber command control and analysis center that can evolve into a national-scale center. Incorporating a wide array of technologies, we create a high-level intelligence platform for intelligence agencies, military and HLS units.

Part of the AVNON GROUP, TACTIC LABS develops high-grade security and tactical intelligence solutions to meet a wide range of operational needs and security threats, from hidden surveillance and tactical Wi-Fi interception to jammers, mobile location system vehicles, direction finding and positioning.


TACTIC LABS delivers turnkey solutions for Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence & Special Forces worldwide.

From hidden surveillance and Tactical Wi-Fi Interception to jammers, mobile location system vehicles, direction finding and positioning, and more.